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Mar. 20th, 2017 09:37 am
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If you're here because I'm a [community profile] kinkstars mod, please direct your questions/comments/concerns regarding the kink meme to the comments section of the rules post or the mod twitter [twitter.com profile] en_kinkstars. My personal twitter is [twitter.com profile] garciraki.
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Ahhh!! Hello! I'm so glad that we've matched on something! I just really love girls who love girls.

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Yooo! Thanks for signing up for this shindig I love rare pairs A Lot. Honestly, for most of these ships I'm just hungry for content in general, so I'll be thrilled with basically anything, but here are a couple guidelines! More explicit likes/dislikes concerning ships are under the cuts.

Don't feel obligated to include any of my likes! I'm open to a Great Many things. I just ask that you please avoid my dislikes.

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if you want to include trans headcanons or twist anything into a ridiculous au go wild man

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blanket permission to remix anything is given here.
asterisk (*) denotes an art fill.

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